20 FEB 2024

Unlawful detention: Apex court allows leave for MyWatch ex-chief to appeal


Former Malaysian Crime Watch Task Force (MyWatch) chairperson R Sri Sanjeevan obtains leave to commence appeal for a declaration that his 16-day detention under the Prevention of Crime Act 1959 (Poca) as unlawful.

A three-person Federal Court bench chaired by Mary Lim Thiam Suan in a majority 2-1 decision allowed Sanjeevan's application for leave to appeal, paving the way for future hearing of the appeal's merits...


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20 FEB 2024

Malaysiakini - Unlawful detention: Apex court allows leave for MyWatch ex-chief to appeal

FMT News - Federal Court grants Sanjeevan leave to appeal dismissal of civil suit

Malay Mail - End of vernacular schools’ challenge: Federal Court rejects two NGOs’ leave to appeal

19 FEB 2024

Malay Mail - Selangor insists woman is Muslim as she knows about Islamic affirmation of faith, but lawyer says she didn’t recite it

23 JAN 2024

The Edge Malaysia - Court rules Cabinet had no right to grant Lynas licence extension, but says residents’ appeal overtaken by events

Malaysiakini - Valid concerns exist behind failed appeal over Lynas licence extension: Court

20 JAN 2024

Malay Mail - A Fixed Parliament Term Act could ensure stability, but it has holes, say experts

16 JAN 2024

Malay Mail - Selangor-born woman, allegedly ‘converted’ at four was never a Muslim as 1952 law prohibited conversion of children, lawyer tells Federal Court

FMT News - Woman’s conversion to Islam unlawful when effected, apex court told

12 JAN 2024

FMT News - Court orders disciplinary proceedings against ex-1MDB auditor to proceed

22 DEC 2023

The Edge Malaysia - Halim Saad refers constitutional queries relating to UEM-Renong suit to apex court

12 DEC 2023

BFM - Johor Sultan Wants More Responsibilities As Agong

20 NOV 2023

The Edge Malaysia - CJ warns lawyers against incendiary comments in Kelantan shariah law dispute

FMT News - Apex court reserves judgment on shariah enactment challenge

12 OCT 2023

The Star - MBPJ gets leave to appeal decision on boom gates in favour of RA

19 SEP 2023

The Edge Malaysia - MIA's disciplinary committee says complaints against Deloitte partner over 1MDB audits are about different matters

30 AUG 2023

BFM - MALAYSIA IN 100 YEARS: What if we lived according to the Rukunegara?

21 AUG 2023

The Star - Federal Court grants SIS forum leave to proceed appeal against fatwa labelling it as deviant

17 AUG 2023

Utusan Malaysia - Panel 9 hakim dengar petisyen peguam cabar enakmen syariah Kelantan

10 AUG 2023

The Star - Halim Saad sues Dr M over 2001 Renong-UEM affair

6 JUL 2023

The Edge Malaysia - High Court quashes MyCC's proposed RM86.77 mil fine on Grab

Malay Mail - High Court quashes MyCC’s RM86.77m proposed fine against Grab

22 MAY 2023

Malay Mail - Woman granted leave by Federal Court to appeal against decision to reinstate her as Muslim

23 MAR 2023

Malay Mail - Lawyers explain: When Federal Court says unilateral conversion unconstitutional, but state laws say OK

14 MAR 2023

Malay Mail - In 2-1 ruling, court rejects Sisters in Islam’s bid to challenge Selangor fatwa declaring it as deviant

The Edge Malaysia - Sisters in Islam fails to challenge fatwa by Mais

The Star - SIS Forum fails in appeal to quash fatwa labelling it deviant

9 MAR 2023

Daily Express - ‘Make crash report public’ order

8 MAR 2023

Malay Mail - High Court orders Putrajaya to declassify papers on Sabah’s 1976 ‘Double Six Tragedy’ plane crash

25 FEB 2023

NST - Criminologist: MACC is independent, does not need to consult judiciary to investigate judge

10 FEB 2023

The Malaysian Reserve - Serba Dinamik, subsidiaries get temporary stay of winding-up order

5 JAN 2023

NST - Santiago's final bid to challenge Parliament dissolution fails

The Edge Malaysia - Former Klang MP loses final bid to challenge EC's decision to hold GE15

5 JAN 2023

NST - Santiago's final bid to challenge Parliament dissolution fails

16 DEC 2022

The Edge Malaysia - Bersatu assemblymen fail bid to challenge Penang anti-hopping law at apex court

14 DEC 2022

Free Malaysia Today - Family group, mums win right to appeal citizenship ruling

5 DEC 2022

The Edge Malaysia - MyCC fails to obtain leave in Grab case, hearing to proceed in High Court

1 DEC 2022

The Edge Malaysia - Federal Court dismisses former AIAC director's move to cite ex-AG Tommy Thomas for contempt

29 NOV 2022

Free Malaysia Today - Dec 8 decision on Mais’ appeal to reinstate woman as Muslim

5 NOV 2022

Malay Mail - Duo win Federal Court defers verdict on Sisters in Islam's appeal to challenge 'deviant' fatwa

14 NOV 2022

NST - Court to decide tomorrow on Charles Santiago, voter appeal to stop GE15

The Edge Malaysia - COA quashes appeals by incumbent Klang MP, Pandan voter to stop GE15

10 NOV 2022

Free Malaysia Today - Publicising probe into Justice Nazlan akin to embarrassing him, court told

The Edge Malaysia - Apex court reserves decision on constitutional questions about MACC's probe into judge Nazlan

20 OCT 2022

The Edge Malaysia - Suit to stop GE15 'not merely academic' as a vote has yet to be cast, says lawyer of incumbent Klang MP

19 OCT 2022

The Edge Malaysia - Federal Court to hear constitutional questions on MACC's probe into judge Nazlan on Nov 10

18 OCT 2022

Malay Mail - Duo win Federal Court’s nod to challenge Kelantan’s 20 Shariah offences which overlap with federal govt’s laws

13 SEP 2022

Free Malaysia Today - Court to rule Nov 28 on Mais’ bid to reinstate woman as Muslim

24 AUG 2022

The Edge Malaysia - Najib can apply for clemency within 14 days of conviction, but may not stand for election

17 AUG 2022

The Edge Malaysia - Federal Court: States can disallow party hopping, Nordin Salleh no longer good law

8 AUG 2022

The Sun Daily - Penang’s anti-hopping law valid and constitutional: Federal court

3 AUG 2022

The Edge Malaysia - Apex court rules Penang's anti-party-hopping law constitutional

Free Malaysia Today - Penang’s anti-hopping law constitutional, rules Federal Court

28 JUL 2022

The Edge Malaysia - Jamaludin Jarjis' children strike out grandma's interim distribution of assets suit

21 JUL 2022

The Edge Malaysia - Tommy Thomas, 12 others fail in bid to strike out malicious prosecution suit by Sundra Rajoo

19 JUL 2022

The Edge Malaysia - High Court allows bid to refer constitutional questions on MACC's probe into Nazlan to apex court

The Star - Nazlan probe: Activists allowed to take issues to apex court

NST - Federal Court to hear constitutional questions on MACC probe into judge Nazlan

23 JUN 2022

Malay Mail - Judge Nazlan probe: July 19 decision on application to refer questions of law

30 MAY 2022

The Edge Malaysia - Apex court hearing on constitutionality of Penang's anti-hopping law on Aug 3

25 MAY 2022

The Edge Malaysia - Court strikes out suit by JJ's mother against five including two grandchildren and a JC

6 MAY 2022

The Edge Malaysia - Azam Baki, MACC sued over probe on Justice Nazlan

The Sun Daily - Lawyers, activist file legal action against govt, MACC over judge Nazlan probe

13 APR 2022

The Edge Malaysia - Apex court to decide on constitutionality of Penang anti-party hopping enactment

5 APR 2022

The Edge Malaysia - High Court overturns MIA's decision to not strike out Tony Pua's complaint against Deloitte partner

29 MAR 2022

The Edge Malaysia - Federal court dismisses Malaysiakini’s bid to review contempt of court conviction

21 FEB 2022

The Edge Malaysia - Apex court: Selangor Syariah High Court has no judicial review powers

Free Malaysia Today - Judicial review power for Selangor Shariah High Court ‘unconstitutional’

Malay Mail - Federal Court: Selangor cannot empower Shariah courts to perform judicial reviews, power solely held by civil courts

9 FEB 2022

The Edge Malaysia - MyCC obtains interim stay of judicial review hearing against Grab and two others

25 OCT 2021

The Edge Malaysia - High Court grants stay of second disciplinary proceedings of Deloitte auditor involved in 1MDB audit

14 OCT 2021

NST - Court of Appeal orders retrial of land case involving Tawau MP

13 OCT 2021

The Edge Malaysia - Apex court reserves decision on SIS legal challenge against Selangor Syariah law

12 OCT 2021

Utusan Malaysia - Undang-undang syariah tidak terpakai kepada organisasi – Peguam

Malaysiakini - Selangor not empowered to grant fatwa-review power to Syariah courts - counsel

NST - Apex court reserves decision on SIS legal challenge against Selangor Syariah Law

Free Malaysia Today - Shariah High Court has same powers as civil court, Federal Court told

5 SEP 2021

Malaysiakini - Lawyers dispute AG's 'vote of confidence not necessary' view

30 AUG 2021

BFM - MERDEKA 64: Reflections on Malaysian resilience and political reforms

16 AUG 2021

The Straits Times - Malaysia's fight against Covid-19 continues despite Muhyiddin's resignation

14 AUG 2021

Malay Mail - SDs and letters of support unreliable, stick to confidence vote in Parliament, say lawyers

2 JUL 2021

The Edge Malaysia - Deloitte auditor involved in 1MDB audit succeeds in bid to remove law firm from acting for MIA panels

9 JUN 2021

Malay Mail - Ex-minister Zaid Ibrahim’s suit against prominent law firm using his name to go to trial

11 MAY 2021

The Edge Malaysia - July 2 decision on Deloitte auditor's bid to disqualify law firm

10 MAY 2021

Malaysiakini - High Court orders Zico to hand over documents to Zaid

The Malaysian Reserve - High Court orders ZICO to give documents to Zaid Ibrahim

The Edge Malaysia - Zaid Ibrahim allowed to inspect documents in dispute over law firm founded by him

30 APR 2021

Malaysiakini - Federal Court rules ex-AIAC director entitled to immunity

Free Malaysia Today - AG’s powers not absolute, can be judicially reviewed, says Federal Court

20 APR 2021

NST - Decision on Zaid Ibrahim's discovery application on May 10

19 APR 2021

The Edge Malaysia - Appellate court allows Grab to challenge MyCC's proposed RM87m fine in High Court

3 MAR 2021

The Edge Malaysia - Hearing of Zaid's injunction application, striking-out suit by former law firm fixed for May 10

26 FEB 2021

The Star - ‘Unnatural sex’ law unconstitutional

25 FEB 2021

Free Malaysia Today - No two parallel criminal laws in the country, say lawyers

NST - Federal Court declares Selangor syariah law criminalising unnatural sex unconstitutional

Malay Mail - After landmark ruling on Selangor ‘unnatural sex’ offence, lawyers say now clear Parliament has primacy for criminal law

The Star - Federal Court rules Selangor law criminalising 'unnatural sex' is void

22 FEB 2021

Malay Mail - Top court to decide Thursday on man challenging Selangor law that makes unnatural sex a Shariah offence

21 FEB 2021

Malay Mail - Simplified: The 'Malaysiakini' decisions in the Federal Court — what the judges decided and why it matters

19 FEB 2021

The New York Times - 5 Reader Comments Just Cost a News Website $124,000

Malaysiakini - Portals now need to check readers' comments due to court ruling: lawyer

11 JAN 2021

Malaysiakini - Federal Court to deliver decision on Mkini contempt case on Friday

17 DEC 2020

The Edge Malaysia - Federal Court to decide whether ex-AIAC director has immunity from criminal charges

14 DEC 2020

Malay Mail - Federal Court told only Parliament can criminalise ‘unnatural sex’, state govt no power to introduce as Shariah offence

26 NOV 2020

The Edge Malaysia - Court orders reinstatement of PTD officer sacked for alleged anti-government Facebook comment

25 NOV 2020

The Edge Malaysia - Deloitte auditor succeeds in disqualifying law firm from representing MIA

27 OCT 2020

The Star - Decision on Deloitte’s judicial review against SC set for NOV 18

27 AUG 2020

Malay Mail - High Court sets Oct 26 to decide on Deloitte’s judicial review against Securities Commission

3 AUG 2020

The Edge Malaysia - Petronas and Sarawak withdraw lawsuit against each other on sales taxes

28 JUL 2020

Malay Mail - Sivarraajh wins appeal to quash Election Commission ban

22 JUL 2020

The Edge Malaysia - Pua fails to obtain leave from apex court to appeal against Najib's suit withdrawal

13 JUL 2020

Malaysiakini - Federal Court reserves judgment over AG’s contempt bid against Mkini

NST - Judgement on Malaysiakini's contempt case deferred

Malay Mail - AGC argues that Malaysiakini must be responsible for readers’ comments; news portal says did not intentionally publish contemptuous comments

China Daily - Malaysian court hears contempt case against news site amid crackdown

Bernama - Federal Court defers decision on AG's contempt application against Mkini Dotcom, Malaysiakini Editor-In-Chief

12 JUL 2020

NY Times - While America Looks Away, Autocrats Crack Down on Digital News Sites

3 JUL 2020

VICE - A Malaysian News Outlet is Facing a Contempt of Court Case Over 'Scurrilous' Reader Comments

The Malaysian Reserve - Mkini Dotcom, Malaysiakini chief editor to face contempt of court proceedings over readers’ comments

The Malaysian Reserve - AG to pursue contempt proceedings against Malaysiakini over readers' comments

2 JUL 2020

The Edge Malaysia - Malaysiakini fails to stop AG from initiating contempt proceedings

Malaysiakini - Contempt hearing against Mkini, top editor begins in Federal Court

Malaysiakini - Defence: Law does not require websites to pre-moderate comments

Free Malaysia Today - Malaysiakini fails to set aside AG’s bid for contempt proceedings

1 JUL 2020

Malay Mail - Malaysiakini: Federal Court to hear contempt proceedings tomorrow

17 JUN 2020

This Week in Asia - Is Malaysia’s new government using Najib’s old playbook to stifle dissent?

29 MAY 2020

BFM - Law & Behold #23: Free Speech, the AG & Parliamentary Oversight

2 MAY 2020

The Straits Times - Rohingya face rising hostility in Malaysia

6 APR 2020

Do More - A country in turmoil

26 MAR 2020

Do More - Seeing the Positives

13 MAR 2020

The Edge Malaysia - High Court dismisses Petronas judicial review application to declare Sarawak SST null and void

10 MAR 2020

Aliran - Insights into appointment of new Attorney General Idrus Harun

9 MAR 2020

The Edge Malaysia - High Court dismisses Grab’s legal challenge, company to appeal decision

28 FEB 2020

Free Malaysia Today - Mahathir cannot convene Parliament sitting to elect PM, says lawyer

25 FEB 2020

The Edge Malaysia - Agong need PM’s advice to dissolve parliament

19 FEB 2020

The Star - Court of appeal grants stay in Sarawak government lawsuit against Petronas

3 FEB 2020

Free Malaysia Today - Petronas claims Sarawak sales tax law ‘unconstitutional’

31 DEC 2019

Malay Mail - Lawyers: Police should have protected, not prevented Dong Zong conference that was under threat

13 DEC 2019

Malaysiakini - Deloitte seeks review to quash RM2.2m SC fine for 1MDB-linked breaches

20 NOV 2019

The Edge Malaysia - PM can be sued – Federal Court

The Star - Najib can be sued as public officer

19 NOV 2019

The Edge Malaysia - In landmark judgement, Federal Court rules PM, ministers can be sued for misfeasance in public office

17 OCT 2019

The Edge Malaysia - Court rules MIA cannot release findings of probe on ex-1MDB auditor until he exhausts appeal

9 OCT 2019

Malay Mail - Activist walks free after Court of Appeal sets aside sedition conviction

2 OCT 2019

Free Malaysia Today - What happened to probe on judicial misconduct, asks Karpal’s daughter

26 SEP 2019

The Edge Malaysia - Rule of Law: A need for vision

17 SEP 2019

Malay Mail - Can and should Malaysia sue Indonesia over transboundary haze?

12 SEP 2019

Malay Mail - Siti Kasim sues Jawi, 14 officers over unlawful arrest, imprisonment in transgender event raid

27 AUG 2019

The Edge Malaysia - Selangor fatwa declaring Sisters in Islam as a deviant group stands – High Court

24 JUL 2019

BFM Evening Edition - Catching Culprits with SOSMA

10 JUL 2019

The Edge Malaysia - Appeal court asks counsels in Pua vs Najib defamation suit to submit on consequential order

1 JUL 2019

BFM Evening Edition - Getting the Two-Thirds Majority

17 JUN 2019

The Sun Daily - SIS gets its date in court to challenge fatwa

11 JUN 2019

BFM Evening Edition - How Extradition Works

10 JUN 2019

South China Morning Post - Never mind Interpol, Mahatir says Malaysia can decide whether to extradite Islamic preacher Zakir Naik to India

2 JUN 2019

The Star - Showing photos of diners can be defamatory

24 MAY 2019

BFM Live & Learn - Law & Behold #6: Equality and Affirmative Action

5 MAY 2019

The Star - Legal experts: Setting up of IPCMC within the law

29 APR 2019

The Edge Malaysia - Federal Court’s landmark ruling puts Islamic banks at ease

26 APR 2019

BFM Live & Learn - Law & Behold #4: The Right to Freedom of Speech and Expression

Malay Mail - In argument about Federal Constitution and state rulers, lawyers agree with Dr M

23 APR 2019

Free Malaysia Today - Justice MAY be denied if PM, ministers enjoy legal immunity, court hears

15 APR 2019

BFM Evening Edition - Legislative Education in Schools

10 APR 2019

The Edge Malaysia - Federal Court: Bank Negara's SAC findings on Islamic finance binding on civil courts

9 APR 2019

The Edge Malaysia - High Court lifts Zahid's ban on G25 moderate Islam book

4 APR 2019

Malay Mail - Suhakam inquiries and enforced disappearances — Surendra Ananth

The Edge Malaysia - Pua vs Najib: Court of Appeal to decide on Najib’s defamation suit withdrawal

29 MAR 2019

The Edge Malaysia - Karpal acquitted of sedition five years after his death

20 MAR 2019

BFM Evening Edition - Special Court for Corruption

15 MAR 2019

BFM Evening Edition - What Next for Pasir Gudang

BFM Live & Learn - Law & Behold #1: The Constitution – Its Meaning and Significance

14 MAR 2019

Malay Mail - What would an ‘emergency’ in Pasir Gudang entail? Lawyers explain

22 FEB 2019

South China Morning Post - Malaysia forms Royal Commission of Inquiry into allegations of judicial misconduct

21 FEB 2019

BFM Evening Edition - 101: Vote of No-Confidence

20 FEB 2019

Free Malaysia Today - Apex court adjourns Tony Pua’s appeal against injunction obtained by Najib

15 JAN 2019

The Independent, Singapore - After the arrest and firing of people critical of the monarchy in M’sia, citizens are watching what they say more than ever.

8 JAN 2019

The Star - Rulers to decide on new King

4 JAN 2019

Malay Mail - Lawyers: New laws to tackle party-hopping MAY not be best solution

2 JAN 2019

Malay Mail - Putrajaya reconsiders ban on G25’s book advocating moderate Islam

23 NOV 2018

BFM Current Affairs - Two Heads Are Better Than One

5 NOV 2018

Free Malaysia Today - Pua allowed to challenge ruling on whether PM is a public officer

8 OCT 2018

Malay Mail - DSAI free to contest PD by-elections — Surendra Ananth

28 SEP 2018

BFM Evening Edition - Government vs The People

The Star - Outcry over move to muzzle freedom of speech

27 SEP 2018

The Star - Lawyer: Legal process to extradite Jho Low will be long and tedious

25 SEP 2018

The Star - SIS challenge against fatwa declaring it a deviant group sent back to High Court

4 SEP 2018

Malay Mail - Breaking down the legal issues on public caning in Terengganu — Surendra Ananth

25 JUL 2018

BFM Evening Edition - Laws to Protect Religious and Racial Sensitivities from Insults

5 JUL 2018

The Star - AG: Why issue gag order on Najib case when 'the whole world will talk about it?

BFM Evening Edition - Gag Order 101

4 JUL 2018

Malay Mail - Gag order in trials, explained — Surendra Ananth

2 JUL 2018

Malay Mail - Parliament can act against child marriages — Surendra Ananth

28 AUG 2018

Malaysiakini - History made as nine-member Federal Court bench convened

25 JUN 2018

The Malaysian Reserve - The fight for oil rights expected to drag on

22 JUN 2018

The Star - Court decides today whether Petronas can proceed with legal challenge against Sarawak

20 JUN 2018

FMT News - Court allows Pua’s bid to raise legal questions over Najib video

4 JUN 2018

Malay Mail - On fear mongering and Tommy Thomas — Malik Imtiaz Sarwar

15 MAY 2018

DISQUIET - On The Attorney General

Malay Mail - Lawyers: Team of Eminent Persons not unconstitutional, Cabinet will have final say

14 MAY 2018

Malay Mail - Are there lessons from Perak MB crisis for Sabah CM row?

26 MAR 2018

The Malaysian Insight - Anyone, anywhere is a target under anti-fake news law

12 MAR 2018

Free Malaysia Today - Formation Of Penang CM Corporation Legal, Says Federal Court, View the Federal Court Judgment (PDF)

25 NOV 2017

Malay Mail - Lawyers: Being atheist, promoting atheism protected by Constitution

15 NOV 2017

Malay Mail - Lawyers: Workplace discrimination law won’t affect Bumiputera quotas

9 SEP 2017

The Malaysian Insight - MCMC had no authority to block Steam, say legal

7 AUG 2017

NST - Federal Court overturns decision; Ex-Chin Woo head to pay RM100K to another ex-president instead

4 AUG 2017

The Malaysian Insight - Tough road ahead for Bar challenge against chief justice

11 JUL 2017

Malay Mail - Mais gets court’s nod to continue bid to stop SIS’s ‘deviant’ fatwa challenge

28 JUN 2017

Chambers and Partners - International Arbitration 2017

18 JUN 2017

The Malaysian Insight - Rosmah’s threat to sue likely to remain just that, say lawyers

14 JUN 2017

The Malaysian Insight - Peluang bicara semula kes Anwar jika dakwaan bayaran RM9.5 juta benar

13 JUN 2017

Malaysia Kini - Court orders Jawi to give details of officers in transgender event raid

19 MAY 2017

Free Malaysia Today - Kes 5 pelajar saman UM, UKM akan diputuskan 11 Julai

14 MAY 2017

Malay Mail - Lawyers: EC can’t finish Peninsula redelineation without Selangor, Melaka inquiries

7 MAY 2017

The Malaysian Insight - PM is a public officer, say lawyers

27 APR 2017

FMT News - Bravo! Judicial power restored after almost 30 years | View the Federal Court Judgment (PDF), View the submission of the Malaysian Bar (PDF)

25 APR 2017

Malay Mail - Group bids to drop voting age to 18

19 APR 2017

FMT News - Court dismisses UKM bid to get RM50,000 from student before suit

18 APR 2017

Malaysiakini - Two Perak DAP MPs challenge EC's redelineation

11 APR 2017

The Sun Daily - Court of Appeal dismisses MAIS' intervener bid in Zi Publications appeal

19 MAR 2017

The Star - Be brave enough to dissent

16 MAR 2017

Malay Mail - Lawyers: Redelineation without Selangor puts entire exercise at risk

14 MAR 2017

NST - Former Cold Storage directors' acquittal in RM185 million CBT case upheld

2 MAR 2017

The Star - Sisters in Islam's case against fatwa goes back to High Court

16 JAN 2017

The Star - Student sues university over the right to peaceful assembly

11 JAN 2017

Malay Mail - Retired policeman denied leave to appeal over his petition for admission to bar

3 JAN 2017

The Star - Nurul Izzah's application against redelineation exercise to be heard on FEB 15

My Sinchew - Appeals Court rejects MKini's application on Najib's suit

3 JAN 2017

mUmBRELLA - The year in review: Awards returned; sexism controversy; piracy threat; Dentsu overcharging scandal erupts in Japan

11 DEC 2016

Malay Mail - Lawyers: Change state Islamic laws to match proposed unilateral child conversion ban

25 NOV 2016

Free Malaysia Today - Hadi’s bill is about hudud, even if amended

14 OCT 2016

The Sun Daily - SFC: Local inquiry is proper forum for delineation complaints, LEGAL SUBMISSIONS (PDF)

29 SEP 2016

Malaysian Bar - MALAYAN LAW JOURNAL: Confronting The Constitutionality Of Hudud

14 SEP 2016

NST - Court dismisses Malaysiakini's bid to recuse judge in suit by Najib

9 AUG 2016

Malay Mail - Fatwa on ‘Pokemon Go’ is unconstitutional

18 JUL 2016

Free Malaysia Today - Sodomy 2 cop’s bid to practise law delayed

14 JUL

Routledge - Politics and Constitutions in Southeast Asia

24 JUN 2016

NST - Court rejects Sisters in Islam's legal bid against 'deviant group' label

20 JUN 2016

The Sun Daily - NMI relies on 1968 research design

19 MAY 2016

Malay Mail - The right to leave the country and travel abroad

12 APR 2016

Malaysian Bar - THE NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL BILL: A Colorable Exercise Of Power

24 MAR 2016

Malay Mail - Sedition Act unconstitutional as it pre-dates Parliament, apex court hears