24 AUGUST 2022

Najib can apply for clemency within 14 days of conviction, but may not stand for election

The Edge Markets

KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Najib Razak, now serving a 12-year jail sentence along with a RM210 million fine after the Federal Court upheld his conviction on Tuesday (Aug 23) in the SRC International Sdn Bhd trial, may file for clemency within 14 days of his conviction in order to keep his Pekan parliamentary seat, but is unlikely to be able to defend and contest in the 15th general election (GE15) until a pardon is granted.


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24 AUG 2022

The Edge Markets - Najib can apply for clemency within 14 days of conviction, but may not stand for election

17 AUG 2022

The Edge Markets - Federal Court: States can disallow party hopping, Nordin Salleh no longer good law

8 AUG 2022

The Sun Daily - Penang’s anti-hopping law valid and constitutional: Federal court

3 AUG 2022

The Edge Markets - Apex court rules Penang's anti-party-hopping law constitutional

Free Malaysia Today - Penang’s anti-hopping law constitutional, rules Federal Court

28 JUL 2022

The Edge Markets - Jamaludin Jarjis' children strike out grandma's interim distribution of assets suit

21 JUL 2022

The Edge Markets - Tommy Thomas, 12 others fail in bid to strike out malicious prosecution suit by Sundra Rajoo

19 JUL 2022

The Edge Markets - High Court allows bid to refer constitutional questions on MACC's probe into Nazlan to apex court

The Star - Nazlan probe: Activists allowed to take issues to apex court

NST - Federal Court to hear constitutional questions on MACC probe into judge Nazlan

23 JUN 2022

Malay Mail - Judge Nazlan probe: July 19 decision on application to refer questions of law

30 MAY 2022

The Edge Markets - Apex court hearing on constitutionality of Penang's anti-hopping law on Aug 3

25 MAY 2022

The Edge Markets - Court strikes out suit by JJ's mother against five including two grandchildren and a JC

6 MAY 2022

The Edge Markets - Azam Baki, MACC sued over probe on Justice Nazlan

The Sun Daily - Lawyers, activist file legal action against govt, MACC over judge Nazlan probe

13 APR 2022

The Edge Markets - Apex court to decide on constitutionality of Penang anti-party hopping enactment

5 APR 2022

The Edge Markets - High Court overturns MIA's decision to not strike out Tony Pua's complaint against Deloitte partner

29 MAR 2022

The Edge Markets - Federal court dismisses Malaysiakini’s bid to review contempt of court conviction

21 FEB 2022

The Edge Markets - Apex court: Selangor Syariah High Court has no judicial review powers

Free Malaysia Today - Judicial review power for Selangor Shariah High Court ‘unconstitutional’

Malay Mail - Federal Court: Selangor cannot empower Shariah courts to perform judicial reviews, power solely held by civil courts

9 FEB 2022

The Edge Markets - MyCC obtains interim stay of judicial review hearing against Grab and two others

25 OCT 2021

The Edge Markets - High Court grants stay of second disciplinary proceedings of Deloitte auditor involved in 1MDB audit

14 OCT 2021

NST - Court of Appeal orders retrial of land case involving Tawau MP

13 OCT 2021

The Edge Markets - Apex court reserves decision on SIS legal challenge against Selangor Syariah law

12 OCT 2021

Utusan Malaysia - Undang-undang syariah tidak terpakai kepada organisasi – Peguam

Malaysiakini - Selangor not empowered to grant fatwa-review power to Syariah courts - counsel

NST - Apex court reserves decision on SIS legal challenge against Selangor Syariah Law

Free Malaysia Today - Shariah High Court has same powers as civil court, Federal Court told

5 SEP 2021

Malaysiakini - Lawyers dispute AG's 'vote of confidence not necessary' view

30 AUG 2021

BFM - MERDEKA 64: Reflections on Malaysian resilience and political reforms

16 AUG 2021

The Strait Times - Malaysia's fight against Covid-19 continues despite Muhyiddin's resignation

14 AUG 2021

Malay Mail - SDs and letters of support unreliable, stick to confidence vote in Parliament, say lawyers

2 JUL 2021

The Edge Markets - Deloitte auditor involved in 1MDB audit succeeds in bid to remove law firm from acting for MIA panels

9 JUN 2021

Malay Mail - Ex-minister Zaid Ibrahim’s suit against prominent law firm using his name to go to trial

11 MAY 2021

The Edge Markets - July 2 decision on Deloitte auditor's bid to disqualify law firm

10 MAY 2021

Malaysiakini - High Court orders Zico to hand over documents to Zaid

The Malaysian Reserve - High Court orders ZICO to give documents to Zaid Ibrahim

The Edge Markets - Zaid Ibrahim allowed to inspect documents in dispute over law firm founded by him

30 APR 2021

Malaysiakini - Federal Court rules ex-AIAC director entitled to immunity

Free Malaysia Today - AG’s powers not absolute, can be judicially reviewed, says Federal Court

20 APR 2021

NST - Decision on Zaid Ibrahim's discovery application on May 10

19 APR 2021

The Edge Markets - Appellate court allows Grab to challenge MyCC's proposed RM87m fine in High Court

3 MAR 2021

The Edge Markets - Hearing of Zaid's injunction application, striking-out suit by former law firm fixed for May 10

26 FEB 2021

The Star - ‘Unnatural sex’ law unconstitutional

25 FEB 2021

Free Malaysia Today - No two parallel criminal laws in the country, say lawyers

NST - Federal Court declares Selangor syariah law criminalising unnatural sex unconstitutional

Malay Mail - After landmark ruling on Selangor ‘unnatural sex’ offence, lawyers say now clear Parliament has primacy for criminal law

The Star - Federal Court rules Selangor law criminalising 'unnatural sex' is void

22 FEB 2021

Malay Mail - Top court to decide Thursday on man challenging Selangor law that makes unnatural sex a Shariah offence

21 FEB 2021

Malay Mail - Simplified: The 'Malaysiakini' decisions in the Federal Court — what the judges decided and why it matters

19 FEB 2021

The New York Times - 5 Reader Comments Just Cost a News Website $124,000

Malaysiakini - Portals now need to check readers' comments due to court ruling: lawyer

11 JAN 2021

Malaysiakini - Federal Court to deliver decision on Mkini contempt case on Friday

17 DEC 2020

The Edge Markets - Federal Court to decide whether ex-AIAC director has immunity from criminal charges

14 DEC 2020

Malay Mail - Federal Court told only Parliament can criminalise ‘unnatural sex’, state govt no power to introduce as Shariah offence

26 NOV 2020

The Edge Markets - Court orders reinstatement of PTD officer sacked for alleged anti-government Facebook comment

25 NOV 2020

The Edge Markets - Deloitte auditor succeeds in disqualifying law firm from representing MIA

27 OCT 2020

The Star - Decision on Deloitte’s judicial review against SC set for NOV 18

27 AUG 2020

Malay Mail - High Court sets Oct 26 to decide on Deloitte’s judicial review against Securities Commission

3 AUG 2020

The Edge Markets - Petronas and Sarawak withdraw lawsuit against each other on sales taxes

28 JUL 2020

Malay Mail - Sivarraajh wins appeal to quash Election Commission ban

22 JUL 2020

The Edge Markets - Pua fails to obtain leave from apex court to appeal against Najib's suit withdrawal

13 JUL 2020

Malaysiakini - Federal Court reserves judgment over AG’s contempt bid against Mkini

NST - Judgement on Malaysiakini's contempt case deferred

Malay Mail - AGC argues that Malaysiakini must be responsible for readers’ comments; news portal says did not intentionally publish contemptuous comments

China Daily - Malaysian court hears contempt case against news site amid crackdown

Bernama - Federal Court defers decision on AG's contempt application against Mkini Dotcom, Malaysiakini Editor-In-Chief

12 JUL 2020

NY Times - While America Looks Away, Autocrats Crack Down on Digital News Sites

3 JUL 2020

VICE - A Malaysian News Outlet is Facing a Contempt of Court Case Over 'Scurrilous' Reader Comments

The Malaysian Reserve - Mkini Dotcom, Malaysiakini chief editor to face contempt of court proceedings over readers’ comments

The Malaysian Reserve - AG to pursue contempt proceedings against Malaysiakini over readers' comments

2 JUL 2020

The Edge Markets - Malaysiakini fails to stop AG from initiating contempt proceedings

Malaysiakini - Contempt hearing against Mkini, top editor begins in Federal Court

Malaysiakini - Defence: Law does not require websites to pre-moderate comments

Free Malaysia Today - Malaysiakini fails to set aside AG’s bid for contempt proceedings

1 JUL 2020

Malay Mail - Malaysiakini: Federal Court to hear contempt proceedings tomorrow

17 JUN 2020

This Week in Asia - Is Malaysia’s new government using Najib’s old playbook to stifle dissent?

29 MAY 2020

BFM - Law & Behold #23: Free Speech, the AG & Parliamentary Oversight

2 MAY 2020

The Straits Times - Rohingya face rising hostility in Malaysia

6 APR 2020

Do More - A country in turmoil

26 MAR 2020

Do More - Seeing the Positives

13 MAR 2020

The Edge Markets - High Court dismisses Petronas judicial review application to declare Sarawak SST null and void

10 MAR 2020

Aliran - Insights into appointment of new Attorney General Idrus Harun

9 MAR 2020

The Edge Markets - High Court dismisses Grab’s legal challenge, company to appeal decision

28 FEB 2020

Free Malaysia Today - Mahathir cannot convene Parliament sitting to elect PM, says lawyer

25 FEB 2020

The Edge Markets - Agong need PM’s advice to dissolve parliament

19 FEB 2020

The Star - Court of appeal grants stay in Sarawak government lawsuit against Petronas

3 FEB 2020

Free Malaysia Today - Petronas claims Sarawak sales tax law ‘unconstitutional’

31 DEC 2019

Malay Mail - Lawyers: Police should have protected, not prevented Dong Zong conference that was under threat

13 DEC 2019

Malaysiakini - Deloitte seeks review to quash RM2.2m SC fine for 1MDB-linked breaches

20 NOV 2019

The Edge Markets - PM can be sued – Federal Court

The Star - Najib can be sued as public officer

19 NOV 2019

The Edge Markets - In landmark judgement, Federal Court rules PM, ministers can be sued for misfeasance in public office

17 OCT 2019

The Edge Markets - Court rules MIA cannot release findings of probe on ex-1MDB auditor until he exhausts appeal

9 OCT 2019

Malay Mail - Activist walks free after Court of Appeal sets aside sedition conviction

2 OCT 2019

Free Malaysia Today - What happened to probe on judicial misconduct, asks Karpal’s daughter

26 SEP 2019

The Edge Markets - Rule of Law: A need for vision

17 SEP 2019

Malay Mail - Can and should Malaysia sue Indonesia over transboundary haze?

12 SEP 2019

Malay Mail - Siti Kasim sues Jawi, 14 officers over unlawful arrest, imprisonment in transgender event raid

27 AUG 2019

The Edge Markets - Selangor fatwa declaring Sisters in Islam as a deviant group stands – High Court

24 JUL 2019

BFM Evening Edition - Catching Culprits with SOSMA

10 JUL 2019

The Edge Markets - Appeal court asks counsels in Pua vs Najib defamation suit to submit on consequential order

1 JUL 2019

BFM Evening Edition - Getting the Two-Thirds Majority

17 JUN 2019

The Sun Daily - SIS gets its date in court to challenge fatwa

11 JUN 2019

BFM Evening Edition - How Extradition Works

10 JUN 2019

South China Morning Post - Never mind Interpol, Mahatir says Malaysia can decide whether to extradite Islamic preacher Zakir Naik to India

2 JUN 2019

The Star - Showing photos of diners can be defamatory

24 MAY 2019

BFM Live & Learn - Law & Behold #6: Equality and Affirmative Action

5 MAY 2019

The Star - Legal experts: Setting up of IPCMC within the law

29 APR 2019

The Edge Markets - Federal Court’s landmark ruling puts Islamic banks at ease

26 APR 2019

BFM Live & Learn - Law & Behold #4: The Right to Freedom of Speech and Expression

Malay Mail - In argument about Federal Constitution and state rulers, lawyers agree with Dr M

23 APR 2019

Free Malaysia Today - Justice MAY be denied if PM, ministers enjoy legal immunity, court hears

15 APR 2019

BFM Evening Edition - Legislative Education in Schools

10 APR 2019

The Edge Markets - Federal Court: Bank Negara's SAC findings on Islamic finance binding on civil courts

9 APR 2019

The Edge Markets - High Court lifts Zahid's ban on G25 moderate Islam book

4 APR 2019

Malay Mail - Suhakam inquiries and enforced disappearances — Surendra Ananth

The Edge Markets - Pua vs Najib: Court of Appeal to decide on Najib’s defamation suit withdrawal

29 MAR 2019

The Edge Markets - Karpal acquitted of sedition five years after his death

20 MAR 2019

BFM Evening Edition - Special Court for Corruption

15 MAR 2019

BFM Evening Edition - What Next for Pasir Gudang

BFM Live & Learn - Law & Behold #1: The Constitution – Its Meaning and Significance

14 MAR 2019

Malay Mail - What would an ‘emergency’ in Pasir Gudang entail? Lawyers explain

22 FEB 2019

South China Morning Post - Malaysia forms Royal Commission of Inquiry into allegations of judicial misconduct

21 FEB 2019

BFM Evening Edition - 101: Vote of No-Confidence

20 FEB 2019

Free Malaysia Today - Apex court adjourns Tony Pua’s appeal against injunction obtained by Najib

15 JAN 2019

The Independent, Singapore - After the arrest and firing of people critical of the monarchy in M’sia, citizens are watching what they say more than ever.

8 JAN 2019

The Star - Rulers to decide on new King

4 JAN 2019

Malay Mail - Lawyers: New laws to tackle party-hopping MAY not be best solution

2 JAN 2019

Malay Mail - Putrajaya reconsiders ban on G25’s book advocating moderate Islam

23 NOV 2018

BFM Current Affairs - Two Heads Are Better Than One

5 NOV 2018

Free Malaysia Today - Pua allowed to challenge ruling on whether PM is a public officer

8 OCT 2018

Malay Mail - DSAI free to contest PD by-elections — Surendra Ananth

28 SEP 2018

BFM Evening Edition - Government vs The People

The Star - Outcry over move to muzzle freedom of speech

27 SEP 2018

The Star - Lawyer: Legal process to extradite Jho Low will be long and tedious

25 SEP 2018

The Star - SIS challenge against fatwa declaring it a deviant group sent back to High Court

4 SEP 2018

Malay Mail - Breaking down the legal issues on public caning in Terengganu — Surendra Ananth

25 JUL 2018

BFM Evening Edition - Laws to Protect Religious and Racial Sensitivities from Insults

5 JUL 2018

The Star - AG: Why issue gag order on Najib case when 'the whole world will talk about it?

BFM Evening Edition - Gag Order 101

4 JUL 2018

Malay Mail - Gag order in trials, explained — Surendra Ananth

2 JUL 2018

Malay Mail - Parliament can act against child marriages — Surendra Ananth

28 AUG 2018

Malaysiakini - History made as nine-member Federal Court bench convened

25 JUN 2018

The Malaysian Reserve - The fight for oil rights expected to drag on

22 JUN 2018

The Star - Court decides today whether Petronas can proceed with legal challenge against Sarawak

20 JUN 2018

FMT News - Court allows Pua’s bid to raise legal questions over Najib video

4 JUN 2018

Malay Mail - On fear mongering and Tommy Thomas — Malik Imtiaz Sarwar

15 MAY 2018

DISQUIET - On The Attorney General

Malay Mail - Lawyers: Team of Eminent Persons not unconstitutional, Cabinet will have final say

14 MAY 2018

Malay Mail - Are there lessons from Perak MB crisis for Sabah CM row?

26 MAR 2018

The Malaysian Insight - Anyone, anywhere is a target under anti-fake news law

12 MAR 2018

Free Malaysia Today - Formation Of Penang CM Corporation Legal, Says Federal Court, View the Federal Court Judgment (PDF)

25 NOV 2017

Malay Mail - Lawyers: Being atheist, promoting atheism protected by Constitution

15 NOV 2017

Malay Mail - Lawyers: Workplace discrimination law won’t affect Bumiputera quotas

9 SEP 2017

The Malaysian Insight - MCMC had no authority to block Steam, say legal

7 AUG 2017

NST - Federal Court overturns decision; Ex-Chin Woo head to pay RM100K to another ex-president instead

4 AUG 2017

The Malaysian Insight - Tough road ahead for Bar challenge against chief justice

11 JUL 2017

Malay Mail - Mais gets court’s nod to continue bid to stop SIS’s ‘deviant’ fatwa challenge

28 JUN 2017

Chambers and Partners - International Arbitration 2017

18 JUN 2017

The Malaysian Insight - Rosmah’s threat to sue likely to remain just that, say lawyers

14 JUN 2017

The Malaysian Insight - Peluang bicara semula kes Anwar jika dakwaan bayaran RM9.5 juta benar

13 JUN 2017

Malaysia Kini - Court orders Jawi to give details of officers in transgender event raid

19 MAY 2017

Free Malaysia Today - Kes 5 pelajar saman UM, UKM akan diputuskan 11 Julai

14 MAY 2017

Malay Mail - Lawyers: EC can’t finish Peninsula redelineation without Selangor, Melaka inquiries

7 MAY 2017

The Malaysian Insight - PM is a public officer, say lawyers

27 APR 2017

FMT News - Bravo! Judicial power restored after almost 30 years | View the Federal Court Judgment (PDF), View the submission of the Malaysian Bar (PDF)

25 APR 2017

Malay Mail - Group bids to drop voting age to 18

19 APR 2017

FMT News - Court dismisses UKM bid to get RM50,000 from student before suit

18 APR 2017

Malaysiakini - Two Perak DAP MPs challenge EC's redelineation

11 APR 2017

The Sun Daily - Court of Appeal dismisses MAIS' intervener bid in Zi Publications appeal

19 MAR 2017

The Star - Be brave enough to dissent

16 MAR 2017

Malay Mail - Lawyers: Redelineation without Selangor puts entire exercise at risk

14 MAR 2017

NST - Former Cold Storage directors' acquittal in RM185 million CBT case upheld

2 MAR 2017

The Star - Sisters in Islam's case against fatwa goes back to High Court

16 JAN 2017

The Star - Student sues university over the right to peaceful assembly

11 JAN 2017

Malay Mail - Retired policeman denied leave to appeal over his petition for admission to bar

3 JAN 2017

The Star - Nurul Izzah's application against redelineation exercise to be heard on FEB 15

My Sinchew - Appeals Court rejects MKini's application on Najib's suit

3 JAN 2017

mUmBRELLA - The year in review: Awards returned; sexism controversy; piracy threat; Dentsu overcharging scandal erupts in Japan

11 DEC 2016

Malay Mail - Lawyers: Change state Islamic laws to match proposed unilateral child conversion ban

25 NOV 2016

Free Malaysia Today - Hadi’s bill is about hudud, even if amended

14 OCT 2016

The Sun Daily - SFC: Local inquiry is proper forum for delineation complaints, LEGAL SUBMISSIONS (PDF)

29 SEP 2016

Malaysian Bar - MALAYAN LAW JOURNAL: Confronting The Constitutionality Of Hudud

14 SEP 2016

NST - Court dismisses Malaysiakini's bid to recuse judge in suit by Najib

9 AUG 2016

Malay Mail - Fatwa on ‘Pokemon Go’ is unconstitutional

18 JUL 2016

Free Malaysia Today - Sodomy 2 cop’s bid to practise law delayed

14 JUL

Routledge - Politics and Constitutions in Southeast Asia

24 JUN 2016

NST - Court rejects Sisters in Islam's legal bid against 'deviant group' label

20 JUN 2016

The Sun Daily - NMI relies on 1968 research design

19 MAY 2016

Malay Mail - The right to leave the country and travel abroad

12 APR 2016

Malaysian Bar - THE NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL BILL: A Colorable Exercise Of Power

24 MAR 2016

Malay Mail - Sedition Act unconstitutional as it pre-dates Parliament, apex court hears