26 September 2019

Rule of Law: A need for vision

The Edge Markets

In the period leading up to the last general election, Malaysians were told that race relations were a priority and that we would see a lessening of racial politics in the governance of this nation if Pakatan Harapan (PH) were allowed to install a new government in Putrajaya.

This was implicit in the coalition’s stated commitment to inter-racial and inter-religious harmony. Its manifesto further declared, unequivocally, its desire “to work with everyone to pursue a continuous agenda of reform in order to create a future that is better and beneficial to all — developed, peaceful, harmonious — that is guided by shared values such as knowledge, liberty, truth, social and economic justice, pride, civilisation, unity, merit-based society and democracy”.


May - July 2019

24 July 2019 (BFM Evening Edition) - Catching Culprits with SOSMA

10 July 2019 (The Edge Markets) - Appeal court asks counsels in Pua vs Najib defamation suit to submit on consequential order

1 July 2019 (BFM Evening Edition) - Getting the Two-Thirds Majority

17 June 2019 (The Sun Daily) - SIS gets its date in court to challenge fatwa

11 June 2019 (BFM Evening Edition) - How Extradition Works

10 June 2019 (South China Morning Post) - Never mind Interpol, Mahatir says Malaysia can decide whether to extradite Islamic preacher Zakir Naik to India

2 June 2019 (The Star Online) - Showing photos of diners can be defamatory

24 May 2019 (BFM Live & Learn) - Law & Behold #6: Equality and Affirmative Action

5 May 2019 (The Star Online) - Legal experts: Setting up of IPCMC within the law

February - March 2019

29 March 2019 (The Edge Markets) - Karpal acquitted of sedition five years after his death

20 March 2019 (BFM Evening Edition) - Special Court for Corruption

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22 February 2019 (South China Morning Post) - Malaysia forms Royal Commission of Inquiry into allegations of judicial misconduct

21 February 2019 (BFM Evening Edition) - 101: Vote of No-Confidence

20 February 2019 (Free Malaysia Today) - Apex court adjourns Tony Pua’s appeal against injunction obtained by Najib

October-November 2018

23 November 2018 (BFM Current Affairs) - Two Heads Are Better Than One

5 November 2018 (Free Malaysia Today) - Pua allowed to challenge ruling on whether PM is a public officer

8 October 2018 (Malay Mail) - DSAI free to contest PD by-elections — Surendra Ananth

September 2018

28 September 2018 (BFM Evening Edition) - Government vs The People

28 September 2018 (The Star Online) - Outcry over move to muzzle freedom of speech

27 September 2018 (The Star Online) - Lawyer: Legal process to extradite Jho Low will be long and tedious

25 September 2018 (The Star Online) - SIS challenge against fatwa declaring it a deviant group sent back to High Court

4 September 2018 (Malay Mail) - Breaking down the legal issues on public caning in Terengganu — Surendra Ananth

May 2017

19 May 2017 (Free Malaysia Today) - Kes 5 pelajar saman UM, UKM akan diputuskan 11 Julai

14 May 2017 (Malay Mail Online) - Lawyers: EC can’t finish Peninsula redelineation without Selangor, Melaka inquiries

7 May 2017 (The Malaysian Insight) - PM is a public officer, say lawyers